It all started for me when Dad was a keen Photographer, and his Father before him.  I remember fondly the times watching the images come to life out of the chemical baths he would use back then.

Of course these days it's now memory cards and post-processing in Photoshop, but the principle is the same - to produce a great image.  Instead I tried to produce great images through art - in water colour, oils, pastels and pencil.

Later I turned to landscape photography (which I still enjoy) and eventually wedding photography, when I realised wedding pictures could be far more than a series of group pictures.  That wedding photographs could contain story telling, good composition and emotional elements.  As a person I'm pretty laid back and relaxed, so I'll do my best to help you through your day, even if you don't feel quite so relaxed yourself.

My goal is to produce wonderful, unposed, interesting pictures throughout the day - and onto the evening reception.  These pictures are captured discreetly and naturally, as you and your guests enjoy yourselves.  Of course there are some posed pictures, because I believe couples, and indeed families would cherish some professionally shot pictures on this special occasion.  Although I also think nobody wants to spend all their time posing for group shots, rather than enjoying the wedding with family and friends - so these pictures are kept to a minimum.

I'm based near Cardiff, Wales, but will gladly travel throughout the UK, and abroad if my travel expenses are covered.

Please use the Contact Form to book or ask any questions you may have.  I hope to hear from you soon, Stephen Elliott, Prime-shot Photography.