Telling the story of your special Wedding Day, through natural, beautiful images.

My approach to a wedding is to let you relax as much as possible, while I take pictures of the events as they occur.  This means the photography can be natural and a true reflection of your special day.  Some posed pictures will of course be incorporated too, although to ensure people can enjoy themselves as much as possible and I can capture those moments, the number of posed photographs needs to be sensible.

I love to capture pictures of the ‘decisive moments’ that occur throughout the day, and indeed into the evening reception too. Using good composition and observation skills I avoid being obvious and run-of-the-mill. Instead I strive to produce classy story telling images for my clients, while working solely with available light. Moments with emotion or interaction, laughter, tears of joy, a smile, a knowing or loving look, or anything in-between are captured for years to come. Every image tells a story that takes you back to your special day. And if you weren’t around when that image was taken, then it becomes a talking point.

Please take a look at a selection of my wedding images.

 Stephen Elliott, Prime-shot Photography